Friday, February 27, 2009


Saturday night after the game we got the phone call that we've been waiting for for nearly a year!!! We have finally been chosen by a birthmother!!!!!!!!! She is an amazing woman and we're so excited to be able to be a part of her life and to share this experience with her. She is due on September 22. We're so excited because Sarah is everything that we've secretly hoped for. The really funny twist to the story is that the following Thursday we found out that we're due October 19!!!!!!!!!!!!! So after sharing our news with Sarah and learning of her excitement for us, it looks like we'll be having TWINS!!!! We like to keep it interesting around here. :)

Home Sweet Home!!!

After almost two months away, we finally arrived home. To our everlasting amazement, our home was still standing with everything in it and both cars where we left them!!! You never know with Philly. We decided to celebrate by going to watch the 76ers take on the Miami Heat. We had a great time and we even won the game.

T was thrilled to death when they handed out free noise makers.

Tip off.

I think he may have enjoyed these more than the game itself.

Headed Home

We got back to Idaho a few days before our flight home. We had a great time hanging out with Grandma again. We headed to Ann Morrison Park, skipped some rocks, and played on the toys.

T could spend hours throwing rocks in the water!! It doesn't even matter how much water there is. I've seen him throw rocks into a little rain puddle before.

Daddy tried to teach us how to skip rocks. It was totally useless.

T loves the swings and bless Grandma's heart, she pushed him forever.

We all got in on the fun.

T loves underdogs but will only let you do it if he's in the baby swing.

We also got to spend some time at Planet Kid. I had forgotten how much fun this place is.

T getting ready to jump into the ball pit.

On our last night in Boise, Uncle Travis and Aunt Courtney took us bowling again. As you can see, T loves his Uncle Travis.

We're definitely improving our bowling skills.

Aunt Courtney's turn.

Thanks for the great time everyone. We really had a blast!


After our four weeks in Idaho we headed to Billings, MT so that Eric could do a three week orthopedic rotation there. Eric loved his rotation and we had a great time hanging out with some of our friends who recently moved there from Philly.

One of T's favorite parts of living in a hotel was the occasional powdered donut Dad would bring him for breakfast.
We had a couple of days of really nice 60 degree weather. The kids had a blast driving around the cul-de-sac.

We also got to take a hike up near the rim of one of the plateaus.

Here is the view of Billings from the top.

On our drive back to Idaho the mountains were spectacular. Montana really has some gorgeous scenery.

Another shot of some of the mountain ranges.

It wasn't exactly warm most places in Montana. As you can see, a lot of the rivers were frozen over.

On our way through West Yellowstone we saw a moose and her calf.
While in Montana T learned some new skills. Take a look.

He seriously has never really climbed before.

This is a great thing to teach your kids, but when you don't know that your husband has taught him this in your absence and your four-year-old lays on his belly and slips into the water near the five foot end of the pool, it really gets your heart going!!!

I love watching him bowl. I'm sure they had to close this lane down after we left because of all of the dents in the wood. :)

The Rest Of Our Time In Idaho

Our last week in Idaho was spent going to bridal fairs and hanging out with family. We were also able to go see one of the CSI Men's Basketball games. It was fun to go again. I remember going to these games with my Dad while I was growing up.

Here is T hanging out with Aunt Lindsay. She got us free tickets because the store she works for was sponsoring the game that night.

T loved to watch the cheerleaders do their flips.

Here is Uncle Matty dragging Aunt Jeni along with a licorice rope. Is this a sign of future spousal abuse? :)