Sunday, December 6, 2009

Germy Pancakes and Basketball Fun

So a couple of weeks ago we get this phone call during the day, it's the school nurse... she has a crying Tayeson, who apparently hit his head while diving for a loose basketball during gym. Actually, he dove into the wall and she wanted to call to make sure we weren't alarmed at the bump forming on his forehead. She also made a futile attempt to not raise concern as she described concussion symptoms we should watch for. Scary.

I got home early that day, and after Whit related the worrisome phone call I decided I would wait for Tayeson at the bus stop, not knowing what to expect. Half expecting to have to rush him to the ED, I was surprised to have a smiling, happy to see his dad Tayeson come bounding off the bus. It had looked like he had been crying, and thinking I should take a closer look, I stooped down to take a look at this "bump" and give him a hug. Nothing. A small red area on his forehead (not worth taking a picture for), and a tear streaked smiling face is all I saw. Tayeson then related to me that he had bumped his head while playing basketball with his "guys". Whitney and I were both happy to see that the incident that landed Tayeson in the nurse's office was slightly exaggerated. We forgot all about it until Whitney was invited to have lunch at the school with Tayeson and met his gym teacher. She then related the head hitting incident this time explaining the unnecessary alarm. She said it sounded like somebody hit the brick wall with a hammer! She then rushed him to the nurse's office after which we were phoned. Little do they know, they should have the integrity of the brick wall inspected. Tayeson can be hard headed at times.

On another totally unrelated time, the other night Whitney was making her famous German Pancakes, and was telling Tayeson all about it. Strangely Tayeson started to complain, "No Mom, they'll make me sick" to which excuse he has used to not eat food items he doesn't like. Whitney assured him that he had had them before and that he likes them. "No Mom, the germs will make me sick" came his reply.

Now we all call them Germy pancakes! Gotta love that kid!