Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Official!

Well it's over for now! Yesterday I spent 6 grueling hours taking the national boards for new graduate Physician Assistants. Like any test, you never know how you did, and you always have that feeling that it was hard and you didn't feel good about it. That chance you missed one too many and you failed! Well the test was hard and I didn't know how I felt about it. I thought I was going to wait (worry) 2 weeks about it but I got instant gratification this morning! Opening the results was like Christmas morning, my heart was racing. There has been a lot riding on this test, as most of you know Whitney and Tayeson have sacrificed a lot so I could go to school. But among the sacrifice we have made some great friends and shared in many great (and some not-so-great) experiences! I passed, I'm a certified PA, well actually Whitney passed me. If it wasn't for her constant nagging about my homework and inspiring words in times of discouragement, I never would have passed. Husbands you know it's true!!! We'd be less without our wives!

Lots to look forward to, no time to celebrate! I start work Monday! We meet our birthmom soon and then my brother Travis gets married next Saturday!!! (this blogging thing isn't so bad after all)


Monday, June 8, 2009

Catch Up

It's been awhile since I've had much time to post, so here comes the big update. We were lucky enough to have Aunt Lindsay spend a week with us before we moved. We all had a great time with her, Tayeson especially loved the extra attention.

Aunt Lindsay and T goofing around.

While Lindsay was here T had to have some x-rays taken of his hip. Afterward they gave him these stickers, which when stratigically placed, may as well say "x-rated star". :)
Shortly after Aunt Lindsay left, Grandma C came to spend a month. Tayeson was so excited to see her and was so spoiled while she was here.
Our last weekend in Philly was spent fishing at Washington Crossing. It was so beautiful and we had a blast.
T had so much fun throwing rocks and sticks in the water that he couldn't have cared less about fish.
On May 14 Daddy graduated with his Masters!!!! It was so awesome to see everything finally pay off for him. He has worked so hard these last two years. As you can imagine, we are all sooooo proud of him and all that he has accomplished.
The ceremony was held outside, and yes, it rained!!! It was so worth it though.
He did it!!!!!! T was so proud of his Daddy. When they called Eric's name he kept saying,"that's my Daddy!"
T was such a trooper through it all. We spent most of the day sitting through award ceremonies and such.We also got the first glimpse of our sweet baby girl. She is only about 12 weeks along in this ultrasound, but we will soon get to have some new 3-D pics when we meet Sarah next week!!!! We're so excited to finally get to spend some time with her.
For those of you who worried that T would be lost without the many Philly pigeons, fear not, we still have plenty of pigeons to pester.
And lots of water to throw rocks and sticks in.
And beautiful places to fly our kites.
There is an awesome beach close to our house and all of the rocks there are shale. It's amazing how easy it is to break them apart.
Here is Eric with his Mom on her last day here. We're so grateful for all that she did while she was here. She has only been gone a week, but we miss her already. In fact, every time T gets in the car, he looks over at the empty seat next to him and says, "Mom, I miss Grandma C."
Here is a shot of one of the many islands in the middle of Lake Champlain. We've been told that the water will get shallow enough at times to walk out to this island from the beach that is only about three miles from our house. It is soooooo beautiful here!!!!
We have had a great time hanging out at the lake.
Tuesday we closed on our first home!!! We are so excited and have been super busy making it our own. The living room is the only room that is finished for now. Here are the before and after shots. (I totally didn't think to take pics before we painted, so here are the pics sent from the previous owners.)
The living room from the front door.

And the new living room. We really love it and can't wait to finish the rest of the house.

We've also added to our family since arriving in Vermont. Meet Mimi, our hilariously neurotic 12 week old kitten.
We've also been busy feeding the many squirrels in our backyard.
And apparently some of the birds wanted in on the free food as well.

On last fav shot of the week. T eating his cereal in the driveway and yes, that is my dining room table. Don't ask.